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Kate Shaw

Kate Shaw

What I do

Mrs. Shaw truly enjoys being an enthusiastic cheerleader for all of her three daughters. Their sports, activities, clubs, and interests keep her busy when not at school. She is an avid reader, enjoys baking, exploring our beautiful state and spending time at home with her family.

Mrs. Shaw started her twenty-three year career at the Jameson School in 1995 when she was hired to teach the multi-age program. She embraced the multi-age philosophy, teaching older and younger learners ages 6-8 for seven years before transitioning to first and second grades. Mrs. Shaw brought with her a love of incorporating music into teaching.

Mrs. Shaw grew up in Waterville, Maine and received her Bachelor’s of Science in Education from the University of Maine in 1991. Her first teaching position was at the Brookside School in Waterville, now renamed the George Mitchell School. There, she taught third and second grades. She enjoyed the years teaching in her hometown and embraced community theater, pursuing musical interests and traveling to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.